Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals by Originals 2010 Fall/Winter Preview

High Fashion Designer had one it again with his iconic wing designs this is the first time it will be seen on clothes I love the way he designs the adidas originals his approach about it the way he creates it his own way his artistic design on the sneakers and clothes shows that fashion is not crawling but is thriving it will be available in august 2010 and will be at selective boutiques Im going to have to find me one near me because this is H.O.T !!!


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  1. YEEEEESSSS!!!!! I need to splurge on this collection! I'm sooooo so so so soooooo glad you posted this! Ususally I know these things! Don't know how I passed it up! But I know now!!!

    Jonathan Spence



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